February Half Term 2022

Watch this space for news about our next panto. 


I am getting orders through fine using this form as long as you get the message that it's been sent okay at the end. If you are in doubt as to whether your order has gone through please feel free to use the form again, just make a note in the notes box so I know that's what's been done.

Alternatively, you can just email me giving me all the information from the form and I can do your tickets invoice that way instead.

Don't have a PayPal account? No problem! You can pay securely with your debit or credit card, just fill out the form below. For instructions on what to do once you receive your invoice please click here to see our FAQ.

A Note on PayPal Fees
As we use PayPal to securely process payments we are charged a fee for their services. This fee applies regardless of the method you use to pay - it is a transaction processing fee.

In order to keep our ticket prices low, we ask that you consider donating the cost of this PayPal transaction fee when you order your tickets. We have always had the option to do this on the order form below, but I believe that some people are maybe unsure what it is for.

If you tick "Please add PayPal fees to my invoice" when you order below, I will calculate those fees and add them on so that the charge is passed to you, meaning we can give more to charity and hopefully avoid having to raise ticket prices to accommodate the fees. PayPal fees are 30p plus 2.9% of each transaction. E.G. If your invoice is £14.00 then PayPal deducts 73p from what you pay.

Choosing to add the fees to your invoice is completely voluntary and I thank you for considering doing so.

Many thanks,
Sarah -

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